Perceivant strikes valuation between $10M-$20M

Troy Medicare raised at $25M-$30M valuation

PopBase seeks $1.5M in seed round

Eddy Travels has begun talks for $1.3M round 🤖✈️

EdgeMicro to raise Series A in late 2019

Wingly likely to raise Series A by year end ✈️

MedStack raised at near $10M valuation

Techstars Paris in the house raised at $8M valuation

M8 Ventures raising first $10M fund

Fair could tap up to $3.86bn in debt with Series B funds

Beeswax raised at $92M valuation📍

#32: Grabango, Klipworks & more📍

#31: LambdaTest, ObjectBox & more📍

#30: Origin, Avochato & more📍


#29:, Luminoso & more📍

#28: Simple Habit, Ezra & more📍

#27: Visla, Zylotech and more📍

#26: K&T Capital, Q-Branch & more📍

#25: SafeTraces, FundGuard & more📍


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