#26: K&T Capital, Q-Branch & more📍

PD Reporter curates a weekly selection of exclusive interviews with early-stage founders and VC firms. Read by start-up founders, VCs, early-stage employees, and tech PR professionals. Sign up today. Future Funding 🔮 Q-Branch, a developer of a residential cyber-security and network control device, is “planning to raise an (series) A round of around $3-5M in Q1 of 2019 to accelerate our planned enterprise pivot in Q1,” according to Jim McCoy, founder of Q-Branch Labs. Companies with similar devices includes Cujo, Akita, or Bullguard Dojo, McCoy noted. So far, the company has been“self-funded and recently closed a small seed round to bootstrap our manufacturing pipeline prior to an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign that is going to kick off in early January.”

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